Villa Mathesis, Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz

A unique architectural enclave with panoramic views over the ocean that has been hailed by international media.
Enjoy Luxury accommodation in Zahara de los Atunes.

This luxurious villa in Zahara de los Atunes is located between Europe and Africa, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, right at the crossroad between continents and seas. It’s an exceptional area, with a lot of maritime traffic, very rich given the overlapping of the Christian and Muslim cultures. It overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar from The Alemanes Beach offering 330 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 20º Celsius.

Unforgetable views

Villa Mathesis is located in the luxurious residential neighbourhood of Atlanterra, right on the seafront, 4 kilometers from the fishing village of Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz. Facing south toward the African Continent on the Alemanes beach, embraced by Cap Camarinal and Cap de la Plata surrounded by the Natural Park of the Strait; a unique location.

Its minimalism, delicacy, and beauty will make your stay “unique”.

An idea that has become a gem

Villa Mathesis is a unique gem given the conjunction of the location, the team of architects, the owners program and the execution of an experienced builder.

Since the year 2000 the partners Badiola and Labiano had been giving some thought to having a modern house built by a renowned architect. For several years they visited plots on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada, Miami, Florida, the Basque coast on Bay of Biscay or Gascony, the Costa Brava and Sotogrande in Cadiz before deciding on the present one on a cliff the Urbanization of Atlanterra near Zahara in Cadiz. Some of these plots were visited with renowned architects to assess the feasibility of a home. Finally, before settling on the plot of Villa Mathesis, it was observed by the owners for over a year to see the impact of the sun, weather, noise, traffic and other variables on future house.

Architects of light and order

The choice of architects composed by the team Alfonso Alzugaray and Carlos Urzanqui was done with the outmost care. Alfonso Alzugaray explains their way of working:

“We like to exercise our profession, aside from the prevalent form of understanding architecture like a show often expensive for the developer of the building. We are interested, however, in spaces capable of transmitting an atmosphere, built from light, textures, order and a lean choice of the materials, which must be at the service of the idea and use, and far from a novelty seeking target.”

The program prepared by owners offered complete freedom to the architects in the shapes and forms of the house but they insistently specified their living needs, the dimensions of the spaces, the ceiling heights, the width of the doors, the view of the lighthouse from the bed the master bedroom and the requirement of the sunrise in the master bedrooms, and the quest of the sensation of being on a ship, etc.

Badiola and Labiano and their families and friends have enjoyed Villa Mathesis for its first four years of life until in August 2012 when it opened its doors for a living architecture experience for commercial guests.